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What is Holistic Dentistry?

alternative-medicine-work-1The word Holistic refers to dealing with or treating the whole person as mind and body. So what does this mean in terms of Dentistry?

Traditional main stream Dentistry is centered around diagnosing existing problems such as tooth decay or gum disease and treating with drilling and filling or cleanings and surgery. The “preventative” focus is on sugar consumption and home care brushing and flossing skills. This approach is now considered behind the times and ineffective.

The most Holistic approach to Tooth Decay is now focused on CAMBRA, CAries Management By Risk Assessment, a system that has been in place for more than a decade. This is the by product of decades of research leading to the understanding that Tooth Decay is not a sugar and brushing issue but is a disease of the Oral Biofilm. The assessment is done using one of several available Forms that allow the dentist to determine your individual Risk of Tooth Decay. The questionnaire involves looking at the Whole Person and their daily habits including; diet, eating habits, home care techniques, medications, genetics, and Biofilm pH.

CAMBRA is most effective if it is combined with ATP Bioluminescence testing to get an accurate measure of Biofilm Acidity or Imbalance. This test involves a quick swab of some of your teeth and a numerical reading is available in 15 seconds. This test can harmlessly be repeated over time to determine the effectiveness of your efforts at maintaining a healthy neutral pH Oral Biofilm.

CRA form for blogThe other main issues that surround Holistic Dentistry are: Metal Free restorations, Ceramic Implants, Avoidance of Fluoride, Extracting teeth with Root Canal Treatments, and Removing Silver/ Mercury Fillings.

I will go into detail on each of these issues in following posts to help you wade through the girth of misinformation from sites on the internet.

To your good Health!

Michael F. Hughes, DDS

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