The “Wand” Dental Anesthetic Unit

The best thing since sliced bread, this is a painless method to administer dental anesthesia without using syringes!

We know that some patients het more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe. That's why we now use the CompuDent system, which features the Wand, a small handpiece that looks like a pen. This system allows for a painlessdelivery of anesthetic in a very comfotable, non-threathening manner.
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The Digital Microscope

For more than 25 years the World’s Top Dentists have been using the Dental Microscope to provide the most ideal dental treatment for their patients. Dr. Hughes has been using the Microscope for more than 8 years here in Sarasota County and in recognition of his Dental accomplishments has been named a Top Dentist by the other Dentists in our community for the past 3 years. Read More

Digital X-rays

This technology is not new technology but it is very important in that 50% of the dental offices in this country still use traditional outdated film and chemical development to create Dental X-Rays. Digital X-Rays are captured through a sensor on to a computer and stored in the patient's permanent file. There is no chemical processing as with film X-Rays. These X-Rays can then be shown on a TV Monitior and blown up to full screen allowing the Dentist and the patient to view them together to discuss what the image has to offer.

Your Child’s Teeth

Pit and Groove Bonded Composite Filling Using Micro Air Abrasion and a Microscope

Problem with Sealants