ICB Brush Company

In 1997 lecturers were urging dentists to clean teeth prior to "bonding" restorations, yet there were no tools small enough to remove the debris.  Dr Hughes designed and patented a brush that would attach to dental headpieces and was small enough to fit into the prepared area.  This brush helped to "sweep" away the remaining particles in the tooth allowing more predictable bonding.

In May 1998 one of the most respected publications in Dentistry, Clinical Research Associates Newsletter, gave the new product it's highest rating; 100% of CRA Evaluators rated the product excellent.

Later that same year the new brush was awarded the coveted Reality Choice 5 Star Award and continues to receive the award year after year.  Reality, a professional publication , is dedicated to evaluating dental products according to actual clinical use. The editorial team is composed of an international group of dental professionals who provide unbiased information with no commercial influences.  The ratings are designed to help the dental professional choose products that will enhance success with dental procedures.  The ICB Brush was one of only 65 products chosen out of 500+ products that were evaluated in 1999 to receive the 5 Star Award.  All of the most respected lecturers in the country have integrated the ICB Brush into their own procedures and lectures to make bonded restoration procedures better.

In 1998 Dr. Hughes was asked by Ultradent Products, Inc. to lecture about his product and the new direction of bonded restorations.  At the Ultrdent education center Dr. Hughes lectured to the faculty members of most of the dental schools in this country and even some progressive educators from foreign countries.  The hope was to help teachers of our future dentists to become knowledgeable about the newest trends in restorative dentistry.