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Magnification Cleaning. Solve Gum Disease Non-Surgically

DeVA-1® 2G Pro now has the camera located at the distal tip of the fiber and delivers clear, crisp images or video. No need for a coupler therefore, no need for focusing. Depth of field is 1mm to infinity with outer fiber encasing over 100 small illumination fibers.

Less Expensive
Less Invasive
More Effective

DeVA-1® 2G Pro delivers state-of-the-art HD image of the sub-gingival pocket for the Visual-SRP℠ procedure. Visual-SRP℠ offers superior deep cleaning versus blind SRP which leaves as much as 40% of the calculus behind. This non-surgical periodontal therapy provides an alternative to gingival flap surgery, keeps the patient in house, and improves overall patient health. The DeVA-1® 2G system allows hygienists to perform Visual-SRP℠ with ease and comfort for clinicians and patients.

No Recovery Time from Surgery
• Treatment can often be completed in one to two sessions
• Patients can return to daily activities immediately
• No scheduling delay to accommodate recovery time

No Opioids for Post-Surgery Pain
• No painful dental surgery
• No post-surgery severe pain management, typically opioids
• No risks or complications associated with surgical procedures

Increased Access for Earlier Treatment
• Dental hygienists or an oral surgeon can perform the procedure; dentists or periodontists are not required
• Patients do not need to wait for an appointment…

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Final Part: ” Acid Erosion” Prevention

9.0 waterFinal Part : “Acid Erosion”

The 3 most important things to know if you have Acidity issues, either Decay or Tooth Erosion or Reflux: How to choose a Medical/Dental provider that provides dental implants, What to change in your diet, and How to protect your oral cavity and upper digestive tract.

It has long been believed that Acid Reflux patients should see a gastroenterologist, have an upper GI endoscopy, begin taking medications, and schedule follow up endoscopies. I no longer believe that this is the correct path. Now that studies have shown that almost 50% of our population, across all age groups, are experiencing acid reflux and half of that group have NO symptoms and no awareness that they have this problem more trained Medical/Dental professionals need to be involved.

As dentists begin to learn about the problem and how to diagnose acidity problems they will be at the leading edge of early detection. The solution, that being dental implants, is already here and highly refined advanced at this point. What early detection can do for a patient is  limit the amount of teeth that would require this treatment, and prevent…

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“Acid Erosion”: Part ll

Acid Biofilm BabyThere are 3 main ways that Acidity in our mouths causes us harm: it Converts our Oral Biofilm to Acid loving bacteria, it  Causes Tooth Erosion and Tooth Decay, and it Increases our risk of some Cancers.

All of us have a layer of Bacteria coating our mouths called a Biofilm. When we are healthy this Biofilm has a neutral pH ( not Acidic and not Alkaline ). If our mouths are exposed to Acid on a regular and ongoing basis the Biofilm changes to predominantly Acid Tolerant Bacteria which themselves produce more Acid adding to the problem. An Acidic Biofilm is an Unhealthy Biofilm. A Highly Acidic Biofilm allows the types of Bacteria that are known to cause Tooth Decay to survive and proliferate increasing the risk of Tooth Decay. To help prevent tooth decay and other dental issues, it is advised to visit a general dentistry office at least twice a year. Furthermore, your dentist may also recommend services like invisalign and dental implants to help you achieve a brighter smile.

Frequent exposure to Acid from any source causes the Erosion of our tooth…

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“Acid Erosion” Part l

Acid Erosion

There are 3 primary ways that Acid enters into our mouths and has the potential to cause us harm: Acid Reflux, Acidic Beverages, and Acidic Foods.

  • Acid Reflux is our biggest problem and concern. Everyone is aware of Bulemia and I am not including it in this discussion as it is somewhat rare and well understood. ‘Acid Reflux’ refers to any situation that allows the digestive juices in our stomach to pass out of the stomach into the esophagus, larynx, pharynx and oral cavity. This can be the fluid itself or an aerosolized component of the digestive juices. Now this is very Important because Reflux has been shown to occur in almost 50% of our population in all age groups! Moreover, half of these people with ‘Acid Reflux’ are unaware that they have ‘Acid Reflux’. This is called Silent Reflux.
  • Acidic Beverages are the second most troublesome issue we face because of the increased popularity of sodas, energy drinks, and acidic juices many of which are almost as Acidic as our own digestive juices. It may be hard to believe but our current love of bottled water…
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1st post of 2016 “Acid Erosion”

Acid Erosion seems to be the big topic in Dentistry as we enter the new year. Should it be? Yes and No. The way this subject is being presented to the general public by media outlets and professionals alike you will have a hard time understanding what is important to your health. I have been researching the subject for the past 15 years and presented the first lecture on the topic this past October at the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry to an audience of 120 top Dentists from around the world. First of all Acid Erosion is a big problem but also a complicated one:

– There are 3 primary ways that Acidity comes in contact with your teeth and tissues: Acid Reflux, Acidic Drinks, and Acidic Foods.

– There are 3 ways that High Acidity in the mouth harms us: Makes our Biofilm Acidic causing Decay, Causes tooth surface loss by Erosion, and Increases our risk of some Cancers.

– There are 3 simple ways to combat and correct this problem: Evaluation by a knowledgeable MD or Dentist, Reduce exposure to Acid, and Take corrective measures to correct damage created by past Acid Exposure.

If your teeth have been damaged by…

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Dental Patient’s – Buyer Beware!

“The New York Attorney General announced June 18 (2015) a settlement with Aspen Dental Management, Inc that requires the company to pay a $450,000 penalty…”

“The Attorney General’s office also said Aspen Dental Management incentivized and pressured staff to increase sales of dental services and procedures….”


What people need to realize is that a dental office owned and managed by outside investors is being run for business profits and is not focused on patient Healthcare. This is not to imply that every dentist owned practice does not treatment plan based on profit instead of honest patient needs, but, it is guaranteed that the non-dentist owned practice is a business model for profit using dental work as the tool. Patients lose. From a simple dental cleaning, normal invisalign treatment, veneers, clear aligners, or a serious dental health issue, choosing a professional to work carefully with is extremely important.

In the past 12 months I have had many patient’s come to see me for a second opinion. Here are two cases that typify what I see;

Mark, a 27 year old well spoken and kind gentleman, went to his Network provider dental office after not seeing a dentist…

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Microscope Dentistry

See what others are missing
For more than 25 years the World’s Top Dentists have been using the Dental Microscope to provide the most ideal dental treatment...
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Live Microscope View
See what Live Microscope looks like from the patient's view.

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Dr. Hughes’ Blog

February 8, 2022 Magnification Cleaning. Solve Gum Disease Non-Surgically
DeVA-1® 2G Pro now has the camera located at the distal tip of the fiber and delivers clear, crisp images...
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January 27, 2016 Final Part: ” Acid Erosion” Prevention
Final Part : “Acid Erosion” The 3 most important things to know if you have Acidity issues, either Decay or Tooth...
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