For more than 25 years the World’s Top Dentists have been using the Dental Microscope to provide the most ideal dental treatment for their patients. Dr. Hughes has been using the Microscope for more than 8 years here in Sarasota County and in recognition of his Dental accomplishments has been named a Top Dentist by the other Dentists in our community for the past 3 years. The Dental Microscope allows Dr. Hughes to view patients with highly increased levels of Magnification and perfect illumination. Enhanced Magnification benefits the patient in so many ways: more accurate diagnosis, less invasive dental procedures, more accurate dental treatment, less discomfort and more natural results that feel better and last longer. An added benefit for the patient is to be able to watch the view through the Microscope as it happens on an HD Video Monitor above the patient. This is not so important during actual treatment but is invaluable in allowing the patient to see and understand what is going on in there own mouth and understanding any recommendations by Dr. Hughes and his staff. You will have great comfort in knowing that you can learn to manage your own oral health care. We can assure you that there are never any sales techniques or unwarranted recommendations by Dr. Hughes and his staff only highly skilled, honest and ethical Dental Care.