Magnification Cleaning

DeVA-1® 2G Pro now has the camera located at the distal tip of the fiber and delivers clear, crisp images or video. No need for a coupler therefore, no need for focusing. Depth of field is 1mm to infinity with outer fiber encasing over 100 small illumination fibers.

Less Expensive
Less Invasive
More Effective

DeVA-1® 2G Pro delivers state-of-the-art HD image of the sub-gingival pocket for the Visual-SRP℠ procedure. Visual-SRP℠ offers superior deep cleaning versus blind SRP which leaves as much as 40% of the calculus behind. This non-surgical periodontal therapy provides an alternative to gingival flap surgery, keeps the patient in house, and improves overall patient health. The DeVA-1® 2G system allows hygienists to perform Visual-SRP℠ with ease and comfort for clinicians and patients.

No Recovery Time from Surgery
• Treatment can often be completed in one to two sessions
• Patients can return to daily activities immediately
• No scheduling delay to accommodate recovery time

No Opioids for Post-Surgery Pain
• No painful dental surgery
• No post-surgery severe pain management, typically opiods
• No risks or complications associated with surgical procedures

Increased Access for Earlier Treatment
• Dental hygienists can perform the procedure; dentists or periodontists are not required
• Patients do not need to wait for an appointment with a periodontist
ª Increases availability of the periodontist for other procedure