We Love Children! Dr. Hughes has always enjoyed treating children and at one point treated children full time while he was the only Dentist providing dental care to the families of Twentynine Palms, Ca. Here in Sarasota County parents feel the need to take their children to a Pedodontist because so many offices don't treat children. We are proud to be the exception!

If you think about how tiny children's teeth are compared to the adult permanent teeth you can understand the need to diagnose problems at the earliest stage possible and treat with the most minimally invasive techniques possible. A very small cavity in a child's tooth is a bigger problem than in an adult tooth and a big cavity in a child's tooth is usually an extraction or a root canal. Decay progresses faster and deeper in children's teeth. It is very important and most desirable to keep all "Baby Teeth" in place to maintain the space for the adult teeth replacements.

Understanding that children's teeth are smaller in size and more fragile in nature it would only make sense that greater magnification would allow better treatment: the Dental Microscope! The increased magnification allows earlier more accurate diagnosis and consequently less invasive healthier repairs. Most cavities if diagnosed early enough can be treated with Micro Air Abrasion instead of the traditional drill and most teeth treated with Micro Air Abrasion do not need anesthetic to be treated painlessly. If decay is discovered later when it has progressed to form a bigger cavity the tooth needs to be anesthetized. Dr. Hughes stopped using traditional frightening syringes more than 15 years ago when he began giving anesthetic with The Wand. Children and their parents no longer need to fear the Dental Injection!

It is very important that parents not pass any of their bias from their own negative dental experiences on to their children. Most children enjoy being able to see the digital x-rays of their own teeth and most get even more excited about seeing their own teeth on the TV Monitor providing the live view through the Microscope. Now children can quickly understand why you are asking them to brush and floss their teeth after seeing plaque and even decay in high magnification! A picture was worth a thousand words and now a live video at high magnification is utterly priceless! Children should and can embrace their own Dental Heath.

There are no other Dental Offices treating children with the Microscope , The Wand and Micro Air Abrasion in this county.

The high cost of having routine dental care done at a Pedodontic Office in Sarasota County caught the interest of Dr. Hughes when some of his new employees discussed their experiences while taking their children to the Pedodontist prior to joining our team. We found some issues:

1. The cost of preventive care for a child: cleaning, fluoride, x-rays and exam. The cost far exceeded the same cost for an Adult!

2. Sealants that were placed were traditional sealants not Super Sealants, most did not last two years and they were 40% more expensive than a Super Sealant.

3. No Microscope magnification. No Micro Air Abrasion. No Wand.

Besides our normally low cost for Children's Dental Care Dr. Hughes also reduces the fees further during the summer months when school is out to encourage summer visits and to help our local families have the highest quality Dental Care for their children at affordable prices.

From a staff that has 10 children ages 2 - 16 ..... We Love Children!

Your Child's Teeth from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.

Problem with Sealants from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.

Super Sealant from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.

Pit and Groove Filling from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.