Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry is a new skill level in Dental Care that has been evolving over the past 25 years. At first it was Endodontists ( Root Canal Specialists ) who began using the increased magnification to locate small and hidden root canals improving their treatment success. It wasn't long before an elite group of innovative Dentists began using the Microscope to perform all procedures in Dentistry to achieve improved clinical outcomes.

The Dental Operating Microscope has multiple levels of magnification; 2.1 X, 3.5 X, 5.5 X, 9.0 X, 14.0 X and 22.0 X. This allows the Dentist to change magnification as needed depending on the procedure being performed.

The position of the Microscope allows the Dentist to sit upright in healthy ergonomic posture utilizing a specially designed operators chair. This creates a more relaxed and comfortable posture. The improved ergonomics help the Dentist to develop more refined neuromotor skills and the ability to work at extremely high magnification.

The lighting system within the Microscope is an LED white light with variable intensity. The result is unparalleled illumination directly along the path of vision.

A variety of photographic and video equipment can be added to the Microscope to record what is seen through the microscope. In our office we have the additional ability to show a live video feed on the TV Monitors mounted around the room.  This allows us to show the patient, staff members, parents or spouses what Dr. Hughes is seeing during examination and diagnosis.

The Dental Microscope allows the Dentist both better illumination and better magnification in order to provide the most precise Dentistry possible. Although there is a considerable learning curve in adapting to the use of the Microscope the greatly improved vision allows for better quality restorations, less invasive procedures, less discomfort for the patient and shorter healing times.

The use of the Dental Operating Microscope is changing our techniques for the better and Dentistry will only improve as the use of this essential tool becomes more commonplace in all Dental Offices. One of our esteemed educators and Microscope advocates is fond of saying:  "A microscope will not make a bad dentist a good dentist but it will make a good dentist a better dentist."  Dr. Arnold Sindler, Professor of Periodontology, University of Maryland.

The Dental Microscope from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.