The "Wand" Dental Anesthetic Unit

The best thing since sliced bread, this is a painless method to administer dental anesthesia without using syringes!

We know that some patients het more nervous than others at the mere sight of a needle and syringe.  That's why we now use the CompuDent system, which features the Wand, a small handpiece that looks like a pen.  This system allows for a painlessdelivery of anesthetic in a very comfotable, non-threathening manner.

The CompuDent system, featuring the Wand, is a computer technology that helps reduce the discomfort associated wit the anesthetic used to numb your mouth before treatment.

The Wand from Hughes'Views on Vimeo.


How does the Wand work?

The CompuDent computer precisely controls the delivery of the anesthetic as it flows into the tissues of your mouth.

When the ComputDent is started, the Wand first produces a small drop of anesthetic.  This numbs the area of the mouth where the anesthetic is being delivered, making the rest of the delivery much more comfortable.

As the anesthetic begins to flow, the computer produces the optimal flow rate, so the anesthetic is absorbed much more easily.  The pinch you may have felt when we numbed your mouth in the past was actually the pressure of the anesthetic.  The CompuDent's steady flow of anesthetic controls the pressure and virtually eliminates any discomfort.

With the CompuDent Wand system, we can also numb just the area we want to treat, often avoiding the widespread numb feeling in your lips and face.

The CompuDent system is a safe, reliable technology that helps eliminate the pain and anxiety associated with Dental Injections.