Our modern world of technology allows this team of professionals numerous ways to fully educate patients. The skilled use of digital photography, digital x-rays, intraoral videography, and computer generated education modules allow patients to see and understand exactly what Dr. Hughes and his staff diagnose and recommend. Today it is easy for each and every patient to understand their own oral condition and which recommendations would best suite their own interests. This approach to patient care has created a professional environment that instills trust and confidence in every patient.

Common Procedures Done In Our Office:

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Periodantal Endoscope Therapy

The Wand Dental Anesthesia

Metal Free Crowns and Bridges

Tooth Colored Fillings

Root Canal Therapy

Custom Dentures and Partials

Cosmetic Veneers and Makeovers

Implant Dentistry


Super Sealants

Tooth Whitening

TMJ and Facial Pain Diagnosis

Nitrous Oxide

Acid Erosion Tooth Repair

Tooth Aligners

Ultrasonic Tooth Cleanings

No Drill Fillings for Children