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1st post of 2016 “Acid Erosion”

Acid Erosion seems to be the big topic in Dentistry as we enter the new year. Should it be? Yes and No. The way this subject is being presented to the general public by media outlets and professionals alike you will have a hard time understanding what is important to your health. I have been researching the subject for the past 15 years and presented the first lecture on the topic this past October at the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry to an audience of 120 top Dentists from around the world. First of all Acid Erosion is a big problem but also a complicated one:

– There are 3 primary ways that Acidity comes in contact with your teeth and tissues: Acid Reflux, Acidic Drinks, and Acidic Foods.

– There are 3 ways that High Acidity in the mouth harms us: Makes our Biofilm Acidic causing Decay, Causes tooth surface loss by Erosion, and Increases our risk of some Cancers.

– There are 3 simple ways to combat and correct this problem: Evaluation by a knowledgeable MD or Dentist, Reduce exposure to Acid, and Take corrective measures to correct damage created by past Acid Exposure.

This topic is very big and also very important to our overall health. It affects at least 50% of our population across all age groups. I will break down each of these 3 categories in separate blogs in order to do each item justice. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

In Good Health and Happy New Year!

Michael F. Hughes, DDS

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