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Acid Erosion of Your Teeth

The newly advertised problem of Acid Erosion suggests that you must use Pronamel to prevent terrible damage to your teeth. Is this a significant problem that should encourage you to run to the store or quit eating the foods you love?

It is true that acid in strong enough concentrations can erode the outer tooth structure enamel. Does the food that you eat pose this problem? No. Unless you suck on lemons or limes all day long, a habit that was popular in Florida many decades ago, a normal healthy diet does not pose unusual risk to your enamel. If your teeth have been damaged by acid erosion or dental plaque, a cosmetic dentistry specialist may recommend replacing them with ceramic crowns. A dental implant service is also advised if you have lost a whole tooth due to decay.

If someone tells you that you must take something to protect teeth against a problem without telling you the cause of the problem and what you can do about it at home to be preventative then it is a gimmick to sell you some product they want to make a fortune selling by convincing people that it is the only solution to the problem they never told you about in the first place!

Acid Reflux, which should not be confused with indigestion, is a common source of erosion of the enamel right along the gum line. Reflux occurs when you lie down horizontal and the Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach seeps up into your mouth. This is a strong enough concentration of acid to dissolve away some of the tooth and root surface. Pronamel will not prevent or help this situation (consult your Dentist) but it is prudent to see that you have the problem properly diagnosed and treated if you are troubled by this issue of possible over-acidity in the gastric contents splashing up into the back of your throat 30 to sixty times per day! This irritating condition is often solved with a very simple procedure called a “pH Balance test” that is painless and takes only a few minutes to perform in office with a solution drink given to swallow readily in the mouth and completed quickly on an X ray machine so that the Doctor can see exactly what is going on in there and how much stomach acid is present at any moment of time and whether it needs to be measured up with medication to help.

The biggest concern with Acid Reflux is not the minor damage to your teeth but the effect the acid can have on the lining of your esophagus and throat. There has been a big increase in esophageal cancer in the recent past and it is attributed to Acid Reflux. It is best to see a Gastroenterologist, MD, and have the problem evaluated. There are few symptoms related to the onset of Acid Reflux and often it is a well educated Dentist similar like those at who can spot the problem and make the correct referral.


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  1. Brushing after a reflux episode is good if you use baking soda which acts as a buffer neutralizing the acid and protecting your teeth.

    Comment by Anthony Coleman on March 8, 2015 at 8:44 pm

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